Luna 2600 Luxury Garden Swing Chair


This stunning, luxurious garden swing bench seat is produced by a specialised team of craftspeople using carefully selected timber and making use of the very latest manufacturing techniques. Anti-corrosive coating and paint are applied to the metallic components, and the waterproof and anti-UV fabric is used for the canopy and cushions.


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Luna 2600 Luxury Garden Swing Chair

The Luna 2600 Luxury Garden Swing Chair is perfect for balconies, terraces, patios as well as pool areas. Not only is it comfortable and functional it is also stunning to look at. The seat is constructed of sturdy and beautiful Kosipo* timber, and as well as its stunning looks it is very durable thanks to Hemel exterior colourant. All the metal parts of this remarkable product are stainless steel. The fabric for both the sunshade and cushion is the “Sunface” brand outdoor fabric. As a result, the material is waterproof and also UV resistant. The easy setup guide and all the pieces of Luna 2200 which enables functional and enjoyable comfort in outdoor areas are in the package of the product.

The Luna 2600 is a three-seater piece of furniture with two foot rests.

Maintenance: If necessary you can grease the wood with Teak oil.

Comes flat-pack for your convenience with easy assembly. However, if you find you need assistance in setting up this swing chair we offer a setup price so you can sit back and relax while we build this for you! This can be purchased by clicking here.

*Kosipo: It is an endurable timber which produces furniture, parquet and wainscot in both interior and exterior parts of buildings.

A time-lapse video of the Luna 2600 construction (15 minutes!)

See how easy the Luna 2600 is to recline!

Relax in style with the Luna 2600!


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