Fairies, Fairy Gardening, Unicorns and Dragons

Welcome to the world of everything mystical!
Fairies, Fairy Gardening, Unicorns, Dragons and much more!

This part of the website is for anyone who wants to be swept up into a magical, awe-inspiring world of wonder . Fairies, Fairy Gardening, Unicorns and Dragons and much more ! The fairy section incorporates a huge offering of fairy garden products as well as other associated fairy products. We have a large offering of Anne Stokes products in this section as we believe her art epitomises magic and sparkle, her artwork transports us into the world of the imagination! Unicorns have their very own section too as do Dragons and Skeletons! So whether you want awe, gore or to build the perfect fairy garden, you will be sure to find something wonderful in this section!